About Us

Brilliant Case,
Your Ultimate EVA Case Factory

Established in 2001, Brilliant Case is a specialized EVA case manufacturer with a daily production volume of 8,000 pieces.

With advanced machines and a group of experienced workers, we’ve produced EVA cases for a wide range of markets, including the sales & demo, medical, electronics, photography, pro a/v, tool & equipment, guitar & musical instrument and more.

From design to delivery, manufacturers and industrial professionals can take advantage of our fully custom EVA foam case to offer their sensitive equipment the ultra protection, presentation, and organization, all at affordable prices & with premium quality.

Our Design Philosophy

Design is Our Passion

A cool case starts with a good design.

At Brilliant Case, we have a group of talented designers who boast a dozen years of experience in eva case design.

We believe good design doesn’t stand alone as a good-looking case. It should be the combination of style, function, and quality based on the client’s product, target market & audience, and your brand identity.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a design. Trust what we’re passionate about!

Our Commitment

Green & Sustainable EVA Case Packaging

We’re committed to offsetting our world’s carbon footprint, contributing to sustainability in our whole eva case production process, from raw material selection to final packaging.

All EVA case materials we use, including the fabrics, EVA sheets, and foam inserts, are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

Factory Tour

A Well-Equipped Facility For
EVA Case Production

Inside our 6000㎡ EVA case factory, there are the full set of workshops including the laminating workshop, molding workshop, the thermoforming workshop, stitching workshop, cutting workshop, and packaging workshop.

Our EVA Case Manufacturing

Our Professional Production Process

A specialized worker will be responsible for every step in our EVA case production to ensure the quality of every detail.

Raw Material Preparation