Custom Camera & Photography Case

Keep camera equipment in good conditions with protective cases

Whether you’re a camera device manufacturer, a professional photographer, or a drone enthusiast looking to transport your shooting equipment, a custom case is important to keep your device in good condition.

With advanced production expertise and experience, Brilliant Case can offer unique EVA cases that fit any organizational, protective & packaging needs of various photography equipment.

All our camera cases are custom made to the exact gear with cut-to-perfection foam inserts. We customize everything from a small carrying case to a luggage-sized case according to your needs.

Why EVA Case For Sales & Demo?

EVA case is a better alternative to hard plastic & aluminum cases with all features combined in one.

Shockproof Hardshell

As a rigid material, EVA can create shockproof hardshell cases that won’t crack like plastic ones, better protecting your products.

Light Weight

Compared with aluminum or plastic cases, EVA cases are lighter and more friendly to the salesman who needs to travel a lot.

Stylish Display

Flexible to style and shape with numerous options, EVA cases help to showcase your products & brand in a sleeker way.

Cost-effective Tooling

Suitable for thermoforming, and cost-effective tooling, EVA case is a better solution whether you’re a startup or a large company.

Explore Our Custom Demo Cases
For Various Products & Businesses

Discover some of the sample cases we made for our customers in different businesses. No matter which type of product you need to showcase, we can help you customize according to the exact contents.

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If you can imagine it, we can build it.

Bespoke Case Solutions For Your Camera Devices & Accessories

One size doesn’t fit all. When you’re going to launch new photography equipment, or you have different models of camera devices to take with you, you need custom solutions.

At Brilliant Case, our approach to making camera cases is fully custom. You have the final say for everything from an exterior shell to interior design. We offer a wide range of options to help you make every detail to your exact needs.

For your branded equipment, there are many ways to put your logo onto the case including printing, embossing, embroidery, and more!

Case Study

Custom Case For Pocket Camera & Accessories


One of our clients found us and asked us to design a case that can house a pocket camera and its accessories for professionals on the go. The main challenge is that all the content including the tiny SD cards, batteries, and adapters should be easy to find, and protected from any shock no matter the photographers are carrying the equipment for a skydiving trip or travel on the beach.


To protect the sensitive camera device from any impact, we used EVA as the material of the case shell. Inside the case, there’s a scratchproof foam that we cut precisely to fit the specifications of the camera and its accessories for maximum protection and identification. On top of the case is a soft rubber handle that makes it portable for professionals.